2012 Cat Hand Tools & Shop Supplies Manual – PDF DOWNLOAD

2012 Cat Hand Tools & Shop Supplies Manual – PDF DOWNLOAD

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2012 Cat Hand Tools & Shop Supplies Manual – PDF DOWNLOAD


2012 Cat Hand Tools & Shop Supplies Manual - PDF DOWNLOAD
2012 Cat Hand Tools & Shop Supplies Manual – PDF DOWNLOAD
2012 Cat Hand Tools & Shop Supplies Manual - PDF DOWNLOAD
2012 Cat Hand Tools & Shop Supplies Manual – PDF DOWNLOAD


2012 Cat Hand Tools & Shop Supplies Manual – PDF DOWNLOAD

Hand Tools and Shop Supplies
The Hand Tools and Shop Supplies catalog incorporates all of the shop supplies, general purpose hand tools, tool boxes, and personal safety items for dealer and customer service shops.
Ordering Procedure
Most products listed in PECJ0003-03 are stocked at Cat® parts facilities. All products in PECJ0003-03 can be ordered through the Cat Parts Distribution system using existing stock or emergency ordering procedures.
Prices are subject to change without notice. Standard dealer payment terms apply for any product ordered from this catalog (whether it is stocked or direct shipped).
Warranty Claims Process
In the event that a warranty claim needs to be filed, contact your Cat dealer.
The products offered in this catalog are covered by the standard six-month Caterpillar warranty unless they are covered by a manufacturer warranty. Where possible, the warranty type is listed in the product details. The most up-to-date information on warranty type and length is available in the Cat Dealer Numerical Parts Record (NPR) system. For more warranty information and a sample claims form, visit dealer.cat.com/toolsandsupplies.


2012 Cat Hand Tools & Shop Supplies Manual – PDF DOWNLOAD

Introduction 1-1
Hand Tools
Tool Boxes 2-3
Tool Sets
Hand Tool Sets 2-16
Field Tool Sets 2-29
Cat Standard Wrenches 2-31
Cat Ratcheting Wrenches 2-34
Cat Angle Wrenches 2-37
Adjustable Wrenches 2-39
Pipe Wrenches 2-40
Chain Wrenches 2-41
Filter Wrenches 2-42
Hex Wrenches 2-43
Special Application Wrenches 2-46
Crowfoot Wrenches 2-50
Ratchets and Sockets
Ratchet and Socket Sets 2-52
Ratchets and Repair Kits 2-56
Ratchet Handles and Breaker Bars 2-58
Cat Sockets – 3/8 inch Drive 2-61
Cat Sockets – 1/4 inch Drive 2-65
Cat Sockets – 1/2 inch Drive 2-67
Impact Socket Sets – 3/8 inch Drive 2-70
Impact Socket Sets – 1/2 inch Drive 2-74
Impact Socket Sets – 3/4 inch Drive 2-76
Universal and Swivel Socket Sets – 3/8 inch Drive 2-77
Universal and Swivel Socket Sets – 1/2 inch Drive 2-79
Twist Sockets – 3/8 inch Drive 2-81
Individual Sockets 2-82
Special Application Sockets 2-90
Extensions/Adapters 2-96
Pneumatic Tools
Impact Wrenches 2-100
Sanders and Polishers 2-104
Grinders 2-106
Drills 2-108
Air Hammers 2-109
Ratchet 2-110
Shears 2-111
Engraver 2-112
Air Guns 2-113
Spray Guns 2-115
Torque Tools
Torque Wrenches, Adapters, and Extensions 2-116
Torque Multipliers 2-121
Torque Testers 2-123
Grease Guns 2-124
Chisels and Punches 2-126
Cat Screwdrivers 2-128
Cat Pliers 2-131
Hammers and Slide Sledges 2-134
Pry Bars 2-139
Miscellaneous Hand Tools
Levels, Measuring Tools and Gauges 2-141
Knives, Saws and Cutting Tools 2-145
Seal Picks 2-147
Brushes 2-148
Miscellaneous 2-151
Shop Supplies
Brushes 3-3
Discs 3-10
Wheels 3-23
Miscellaneous 3-33
Metal Cutting
Drill Bits 3-44
Taps and Dies 3-51
Extractors 3-61
Cutting Torch Equipment 3-65
Miscellaneous 3-66
Caps and Plugs 3-67
Vises 3-78
Battery Service Equipment 3-83
Lighting and Electrical Products
Flashlights and Batteries 3-91
Work Lights and Extension Cords 3-96
Miscellaneous 3-102
Personal Protective Equipment
Gloves 3-106
Safety Vests 3-120
Eye Protection 3-121
Hearing Protection 3-129
Hard Hats 3-132
Breathing Protection 3-133
First Aid Kits 3-134
Welding Protection 3-137
Contamination Control 3-139
Fluid Sampling Equipment 3-142
Towels and Wipers 3-146
Absorbents and Spill Kits
Absorbents 3-150
Spill Kits 3-155
Floor Mats 3-159
Metal Repair 3-161
Tape 3-172
Packing Supplies and Equipment 3-179
Padlocks 3-187
Ladders 3-189
Janitorial Products 3-190
Mudflaps 3-192
Sprayers 3-193
Miscellaneous Products 3-194
Cat® Paint 3-200
Paint Thinner 3-202
Maintenance Chemicals
Soaps and Cleaners 3-203
Adhesives and Sealants 3-210
Lubricants 3-212
Metal Working 3-216
Testing Products 3-217
Rust Preventatives 3-220
Miscellaneous Chemicals 3-221
Literature Reference 4-1



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